Day – 3

23 August 2013 1 comment

Today the cadets were involved in a rare team building exercise called refined tanks.  Some more cadets also went on O flights. Here are some pictures of tanks.  Pictures for o-flights will also follow.

One other note, tonight the Kitchen staff  made Shepard’s pie to feed the cadets of the encampment.DSCN4476CIMG1776DSCN4472here are some O-Flight pictures 2013-08-22_09-37-19_8682013-08-22_09-46-20_552013-08-22_09-46-07_345


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Day – 2

22 August 2013 1 comment

Today the Commander, Maine Wing, Colonel Marc Brunelle made a visit  to encampment during  closing formation.  One of the highlights of the day was PT, we had a long run, about one mile (5280 feet), all cadet successfully completed the run.  Also some cadets had orientation flights  (this is a free flight that is both  fun and instructional activity conducted at about 3000 feet above sea level) (regrettably there are no pictures of these flight activities) here are some pictures of the other activities of the day.

CIMG1732CIMG1712CIMG1732 DSCF7314

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Day – 1

Today’s activity’s started with  PT early in the morning at 05:30, after a hardy  8 1/2 hours of  sleep cadets  underwent a 45 min PT regiment consisting of an upper body  empowerment  regiment.
Next there was a successful boot polishing class.

On the menu for dinner we are having cal-zones ; buffalo chicken, spinach and ricotta, sausage and mushrooms, BQ chicken, and pepperoni and cheese.


Here are some photos of your cadets CIMG1686CIMG1677

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Day – 0

Here is a you-tube link. in this video is of cadets singing the Air Force song. Here are five pictures of your cadets


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Day – 0

A new day, and new  young faces! Cadets have gone through some intense in-processing  and eaten lunch. Lunch was a hearty meal of PB&J sandwiches and fresh fruit. The day has gone as planned  with some drill and classes, and the Air Force song taught to and sung (off key) by all cadets (but that will be fixed).

Pictures to follow.

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Alt uniform

In the event that a new cadet does not have blues, the alt uniform will be a white or lite blue shirt  and black pants .

The air force grooming standards will be required. This means hair must not touch ears for male and for female heir must be put up in a bun.  Finger nails must not be long or dirty.  Thank you.

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Encampment 2013

Staff should arrive at the encampment site no earlier than 3pm on the 16th of August and no later than Noon on the 17th. The wider range this year is due to scheduling conflicts with some of the buildings, we may not have the facility’s full use until midday on the 17th.

First and second year cadets not on staff should arrive after 1100 on the 19th and before 1300. Please let me know if alternate arrangements are needed.

The student release form is required for those under 18 to participate in rappelling, this form may be hand carried to the encampment or, scanned and emailed.

Graduation will take place at 1200 on the 28th of August, followed by check out immediately following that ceremony. Once again, if alternate arrangements are needed please let me know. Those attending the graduation should wear service dress or appropriate civilian attire. The cadets will graduate in blues unless it rains.

Special dietary requirements (no gluten, vegetarian, kosher, halal, etc.) should be disclosed as soon as possible, as it may not be possible to accommodate all situations, and even less possible at the last minute.

Contraband List
Packing List

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