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2011 Region Cadet Leadership School (RCLS)

This announcement pertains to the 2011 RCLS North, to be held at the New Hampshire State Fire Academy in Concord. The activity will run from the 26th of December to the 1st of January (2012). RCLS (or COS) is a requirement for the Eaker award just as encampment is a requirement for the Mitchell, so I would suggest attending if possible.

If you are interested in applying you will need to submit the following items as soon as you can, because there is a cap on the number of attendees.

  • CAPF 31 -Submit to MEWG Headquarters. Since it is an out of state activity, the wing commander must sign it, in addition to your Squadron commander.
  • CAPF 60
  • Fee (check or money order) – $75.00 ($35.00 due with application)
  • A resume detailing your CAP, school, and community involvement – Submit with your CAPF 31
  • A letter of recommendation from a person that can speak to your leadership potential, work ethic, scholarship, and moral character.

You MUST also be at least a cadet master sergeant and have attended a basic encampment.

The application deadline is the 26th of October 2011. More information is available at the website below, if you can’t find the answers you seek there, feel free to contact me through your squadron commander (or ask below in the comments section).

Website –

RCLS Application Procedure (PDF)

RCLS 2011 Packing List (PDF)

Lastly, there are scholarship funds available from MEWG Cadet Programs. Cadets who need financial assistance should contact me through their squadron commander. Scholarships will be awarded on the basis of need first and merit second.


New Page – CP Forms

You might have noticed that a new page has been added to to top of the blog. There is now a page that contains all the current Cadet Programs forms.

This joins the others that exist for specific purposes, such as CAC, DCC’s and Encampment staff. All have special pages to keep their information secure and separate and most importantly organized and centralized.

So, the forms can be downloaded directly from the blog, filled out and used as needed. No more digging around for the right form. If anyone has suggestions for forms I missed, let me know either by email or in the comments section and I will add them ASAP.

Nathan Fellows, 1LT
DCP, Maine Wing, CAP

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Learn to Lead Online Tests

18 May 2011 Leave a comment

Cadet Programs has revised the online test banks for Learn to Lead Chapters 1-3 and is currently editing the test banks for Chapters 4-8. We believe these revisions will greatly assist cadets taking online tests

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Arlington National Cemetery

13 May 2011 Leave a comment

  Arlington National Cemetery

Today is an important day in Arlington history. On May 13, 1864, Private William Henry Christman was buried in Section 27 of Arlington National Cemetery. Pvt. Christman was the first military person buried at Arlington. Do you know who was the first person buried at the Arlington Estate?

It is Mary Ann Randolph (cousin of Mary Custis, wife of Gen. Robert E. Lee).  She is buried in Section 45.

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Cadet Membership

13 May 2011 Leave a comment

I don’t usually like to deal with statistics – they can be deceiving.  However a quick look at Maine Wing cadet membership shows a dramatic decline over the past few months.

So, I have to ask myself “Why is that”?  As I drive around this great state of Maine and visit each of our nine squadrons I see cadets who are enthusiastic, motivated and more actively involved in local and wing activities.  Cadets are promoting.  Cadet Milestone Achievements have increased dramatically.

Let me show you:

>  In 2008 there were 3 milestone achievements and in 2009 there were 8 milestone achievements.  That’s a 166% increase!!!

>  Now, as I just said, in 2009 there were 8 milestone achievements and in 2010 there were 28 milestone achievements.  That’s a 250% increase.

Yet our cadet membership census is down significantly.

Maine Wing Cadet Programs staff has our eye on a quality cadet program – not a numbers mill.  However, without cadets being constantly recruited, and units consistently growing the program will quickly fade away.  Recruiting must be a year-round event.  A constant influx of new cadets who learn and grow and then turn around and teach makes for a healthy squadron cadet program.

The answer is quality recruiting of quality cadets.  This needs to be a team effort.  Simply hanging flyers at the mall will not work.  Talk to other squadrons who have been successful at recruiting.  Sending information packets to school Guidance Counselors and/or Principals, asking to go to schools and home school groups to talk about our program, being involved in local community projects and activities, publicizing advancements and achievements in local media, etc is how we will grow.

Let’s do this together.  Cadets, direct your ideas through your chain of command and CAC Representatives.

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Academy of Model Aeronautics Free Membership

13 May 2011 Leave a comment

Gen Courter would like to ensure that you are aware of the opportunity our cadets have with the Academy of Model Aeronautics – a FREE membership.  Yes, FREE.

When cadets join, what does this mean for us?  That they will receive discounts and will be available for scholarships from the AMA.  And, hopefully, that they will get more involved in aviation.

Please spread the word.  The link below provides you more information.

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Learn to Lead Audio

13 May 2011 Leave a comment

Cadet Programs is pleased to announce audio versions of the first three chapters of Learn to Lead. CP thanks CAP Lt Col James Shaw for producing these recordings that will benefit auditory learners and sight-disabled persons as well as many others. Please see the Learn to Lead page in the Cadet Library and click on the tabs next to the Chapter 1-3 titles.

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