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The penultimate day of encampment

Today we are practicing the graduation ceremony and all the little things that will make the whole process flawless. The graduation ceremony will be at 12:00 noon Friday and the cadets will be in US Air Force blues. On behalf  of the encampment staff and Maine wing, thank you for coming.


The low ropes course

The low ropes course was one of the most challenging activities this week. The entire encampment was split into two gropes  that went through the course starting from different sides. This obstacle course is named  the rope course because every obstacle  has something to do with rope  whether it be the  platform jump or the rope and tire bridge.

A cadet on the rope & tire bridge

Cadets on the platform jump

Cadets on the high ladder


Day 6

Rappelling is a once in a lifetime experience. Today your cadets have just gone rappelling, some for the first time. There were three types of  rappel  towers – 35ft, 35ft with no wall, and 56ft. The  cadets marched down to the rappelling towers at 09:00. When they arrived, they received a briefing on rappelling safety, then practiced basic rappelling  techniques using a small one-foot  platform. Before they climbed the rappel tower, they donned safety harnesses. When they reached the top of the  tower they were immediately attached to a safety line. They then  started their descent down the rappel tower.

cadets on the way to the rappelling tower

cadet at bottom of the rappel tower

cadet at the safety platform

a cadet descending the rappel tower

cadet on the 35 foot wall

a cadet receiving last minute instructions

Orientation Flights

Pre-flight class

Pre-flight checks


Yesterday cadets started orientation flights on CAP Cessna 172 aircraft.The pilots started with the per-flight checklist before they left the airport and the cadets got a two hour flight.  The highlight according to cadets who flew was getting to see the state capital from the air.

story by Johel  Stephenson

photos by Cristal Laprade

Day 4 Morning

20 August 2012 1 comment

This morning during PT the cadet staff ran a competition among the flights to break up the routine.  They did a series of relay races with Charlie Flight being the hands down winner.
This morning also started the Orientation Flights for the cadets attending as basics with Major King coming back and coordinating that for the encampment.

PT(physical training)

Relay races during morning PT

Relay races during morning PT

Relay races during morning PT

The evening of Day 3 and a special event

As day three of the encampment draws to a close here at Bog Brook the cadets are adapting to the encampment routine.  This afternoon the staff conducted a second inspection of the barracks (Yes, parents, your cadets are making their beds), and while it was more detailed, they are starting to show improvement.  Tonight the cadets  had a wonderful meal  of pizza thanks to our (cheese, chicken,green peper to only name few).

This evening the cadets attended what may seem like an unremarkable occurrence at their squadrons but not in the encampment training environment.  C/Lt Col Slininger turned command of the encampment over to C/1st Lt Fowler.  C/Lt Col Slininger will be going to the CAP National Conference in Baltimore Maryland where he is going to be representing all the cadets of Northeast Region as a member of the National Cadet Advisory Council.

Change of command

The change of command

Day 4 Morning

This morning we had a nice HOT pancake breakfast.After PT we figured out that c/LT COL Slininger cannot be trusted with a maple sirup bottle. This morning he for some unknown reason he manged to empty the entire bottle, on his tray ,on the table, on the floor,and on him self.