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Airman’s Clinic


Packing List

What to bring (see the attached checklist for complete list)


Regardless of the uniform of the day prescribed below, civilian attire is appropriate for those cadets attending who don’t have a viable uniform, with the following caveats:

  1. Personal grooming must meet the standards set in CAPR 39-1.
  2. Casual twill trousers (khakis, etc.) are acceptable for both male and female cadets. Simple skirts meeting the length standard in CAPR 39-1 are also acceptable for female cadets.
  3. Shirts and blouses will be either long or short sleeved, and collared. Polo/golf style shirts are a good choice. Male cadets will wear all shirts tucked in. Female cadets will only be required to tuck in blouses and shirts designed with that intent.
  4. Shoes, including athletic shoes will be clean, in good repair, laced and tied.
  5. All civilian attire will be clean and pressed.

Day 1: The uniform of the day will be BDUs with black boots meeting the criteria in CAPR 39-1. All cadet and senior staff members should have their uniforms in full inspection order with all mandatory patches and insignia.

Day 2: The uniform of the day for students will be BDUs with black boots meeting the criteria in CAPR 39-1. The uniform of the day for all staff will be the blue short sleeve shirt/blouse combination without tie or tab. Female cadets may wear either skirt or pants. All cadet and senior staff members should have their uniforms in full inspection order with the minimum required name plate and rank insignia. Ribbons and other authorized insignia are optional but encouraged. Attendees will also need PT clothing.


All attending cadets who have received their CAP notebooks should bring them.

Personal Items

  • Toiletries (tooth brush/paste, shampoo, soap, shaving supplies if need, etc.)
  • Underwear & socks (sufficient for the duration of the event)
  • Medications (Prescription or non-prescription). Please include a note of written permission to possess these medications as required by paragraph 4 of CAPR 160-2 as excerpted below:

4. Written Permission Required for Minor Cadets. No minor cadet may bring any prescription or non-prescription medications, herbals, vitamins, or supplements to any CAP activity without the written permission of the cadet’s parent or guardian. Such permission may be contained within application materials for the activity. A parent’s or guardian’s written permission, will include acknowledgement and understanding of this regulation.

What not to bring

The following items are not permitted for cadets attending Airman’s Clinic. Each cadet will be given an opportunity to turn in any items prior to the ‘shake down’, regardless of their nature; no questions asked. Prohibited items found during shake down will result in dismissal from the program and the possibility of further action by the cadet’s Squadron or Wing. Police involvement may be indicated depending on the nature of the item found.

There are two classes of prohibited items; those that will be returned and those that will not. Those that will be returned should be handed in at check in, those that will not be returned can be handed in at check in or deposited in the amnesty box. Even with items on the “return” list, we are not responsible for their loss, damage or theft under any circumstances.

Items that will be returned:

  • Cash (cadets other than those driving should not have more than $20 in their possession)
  • Any items with sentimental value
  • Cell phones
  • Other electronic devices (please don’t bring any, we are not responsible for their loss)
  • Credit cards/debit cards
  • Computers (don’t bring at all)
  • Reading material (other than religious texts and CAP materials)
  • Car keys (for those driving, vehicle must remain locked for the duration of encampment)
  • Sunglasses

Items that will absolutely NOT be returned:

  • Tobacco products of any kind
  • Alcohol of any kind
  • Food of any kind (unless medically necessary)
  • Illegal drugs, to include prescriptions not bearing your name and related paraphernalia
  • Weapons of any kind, firearms, knives, and anything that could reasonably be seen as a weapon
  • Lighters, matches or anything else capable of fire starting
  • Pornographic materials
  • Explosives, fireworks, etc.

This list is by no means exhaustive, and the senior staff officers may at any time deem an item contraband if it poses a threat or disrupts the event. Such items will be returned unless they pose an immediate hazard or are in violation of the law. If there is any question about whether an item is allowed, contact 1Lt Jim LaPrade by email at, or by phone at 207.669.5736.

Packing Checklist – Student Cadets

This packing list is everything you need. If you do not have some of the items yet, bring what you have. Do not bring anything that is not on the packing list.


1 BDU Blouse (top) 1 BDU Trousers
2 Black T-shirt 1 Pair Boots
1 BDU Belt with black buckle 1 BDU Cap
1 Set Grade Insignia (if applicable) 2 Pair black socks


2 Collared shirt/blouse 1 Twill or khaki trousers (skirt for females)
1 Pair conservative footwear


1 Pair athletic shoes 1 Tee shirt (no logos except CAP/AF)
1 Pair shorts or sweat pants 1 Sweatshirt/fleece for warmth
1 Pair athletic socks Undergarments as required


2 sets of undergarments (additional) 1 Pair shower shoes (flip-flops)
1 Jacket or coat (preferably waterproof) 1 Seasonal hat
1 Pair gloves (cold weather as needed)


Blue cadet binder & books Notebook/pad
Pens/pencils/highlighter (your preference) CAP ID (or temporary from eServices)
Soap (and shampoo as required) Comb/Brush (as needed)


Non-aerosol deodorant Shaving gear (required for daily shavers)
Personal medications (in original container – with note from parent) Foot powder
Other personal hygiene items Shoeshine kit
Small ruler Canteen/hydration system
Clothes hangers (5)

Airman Academy Photos

25 April 2011 Leave a comment

If you wish to see and/or download a more complete collection of photos for this years Airman Academy, feel free to visit the following website. Photos of other cadet activities may also be uploaded to this website.


23 April 2011 1 comment

Today, 12 cadets became confident Airmen. It is often said that Airmen Academy is the kindergarten of CAP. Our goal is to teach the very basics, and raise their level of professionalism. Cadets graduating from Airmen Academy return with a sense of followership, and the ability to lead. Honor cadet of encampment was awarded to the very deserving C/Amn. Glazier, who possessed all the characteristics that we want to see in cadets; A respect for the core values, a readiness to learn, the ability to work with a team, and the ability to adapt.

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Graduation Day

22 April 2011 4 comments

Today, the 12 cadets who attended Airman Academy graduated. However, the day was just as hard as any other day at the Academy. They started the day at 6:00 AM, with a PT test that can count towards their regular promotions.

Cadets participating in morning PT.

Following the test, cadets marched over to Star Base (the building where we held classes and ate) to clean it up, leaving it as clean as it was before cadet arrival. They returned to the Horizon to pack up and change into Blues. This was not easy either. Before cadets were allowed to shower or change, a staff member had to make sure their rooms were clean and picked up. Once everyone was in Blues, a brief uniform inspection was conducted.

Cadet Moody smiling at the camera in the "at ease" position.

At approximately 12:30 PM, the graduation commenced. The ceremony was delayed due to the late arrival of wing commander Colonel Leclair, CAP who had been flying all over the state for meetings and other business matters. All cadets graduated successfully, however, one cadet shined more than the rest. C/Amn. Glazier of the Augusta Squadron was awarded Honor Cadet of the 2011 Maine Wing Airman Academy for standing out in all aspects of Academy life.

The cadets begin their post-graduation march to the Horizon Inn.

The graduation was attended by a reporter and cameraman from WABI News. Read and watch the news story at the following link:

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End of Academy Video

It was intended that this would be shown at the graduation. It didn’t exactly work out as we had planned. A lack of access to the auditoriums speakers killed the plan, but we always intended to upload it here.

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Color Guard

21 April 2011 1 comment

Yesterday, as mentioned in the post “Guest Speakers”, C/2Lt. Kingsley and C/CMSgt. Nowiki visited to teach the cadets color guard. Color guard is the practice used in parades and ceremonies, such as folding and raising the flag.

Cadets display the flag before folding.

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Foam Rockets

21 April 2011 Leave a comment

This afternoon, the cadets learned about professionalism and the CAP website. Following those two classes, C/Capt. St. Louis led an activity where cadets built and launched foam rockets.

A cadet works on fins for his rocket.

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