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Maine Wing Encampment 2014

“An encampment can be the most significant and worthwhile training experience of a CAP cadet’s membership. Training is what the encampment is all about.”  This excerpt from the Encampments chapter of CAPR 52-16 eloquently and simply expresses the overarching principle that guides this activity.  Encampment is not a requirement for promotion, but the immersive learning environment and camaraderie of living and working with other cadets from across the Wing and Region will have a lasting positive impact on every attending cadet.

This year’s activity will be held at Bog Brook National Guard Training Facility in Gilead, Maine July 3rd through July 9th.  The application period is currently open and applications will be accepted through the deadlines listed below:

Cadet Cadre (formerly Cadet Staff):  Wednesday, April 30th

Senior Cadre:  Friday, May 30th

Cadet Students:  Friday, May 30th

Each cadet applicant, whether cadre or student, must submit a complete application package to be considered for one of only 50 student seats or 12 Cadet Cadre positions.  The application package includes a:

  • completed CAPF 31, Application for CAP Encampment or Special Activity;
  • completed CAPF 160, CAP Member Health History Form; and
  • check or money order for $175 made payable to Maine Wing CAP (full and partial scholarships are available based on need.  Please see your Squadron Commander for details.)

All attendees will also require a CAPF 161, Emergency Information form on their person when reporting for the activity.


Cadet Cadre:  Current CAP cadet members who have completed at least one prior Encampment and hold the grade of Sergeant or above at the time of application.


Senior Cadre:  Current CAP members who have completed Level I of the Senior Member Professional Development Program, including Cadet Protection Program Training (CPPT), are eligible to attend encampments.

Cadet Students:  Must be current CAP members who have completed Achievement 1 and are otherwise eligible to attend encampments.  Cadets who have not completed Achievement 1 by the application due date, but will complete prior to the start of the event may apply.  They will be placed on a “status pending” list and assigned to an available slot if any exist upon completion of Achievement 1.

Forward application packages to:

Maine Wing CAP HQ

Encampment Commander
PO Box 5006
Augusta, ME 04332-5006

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