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Day – 4

Today the cadets reached a milestone in their training. They were informed early on in the day that it was”Hump Day.” They had no idea what this meant, and still have yet to learn it, but hump day is day 3 or day 4 of an encampment when the flights begin working together as a team, and really bonding together, getting over the metaphorical hump in their training. The day started off with their daily PT where the cadets did exceptionally well and were great at encouraging one another during the run, which was a good indication to the staff that Hump Day was in full swing. After breakfast and drill the encampment had a large-scale inspection where all the cadets and their barracks received careful inspection from the staff. The cadets then had a team building activity testing their communication skills and enjoyed their lunch before classes began. The classes covered a multitude of subjects including a radio call activity, put on by the 3 staff members who attended National Flight Academy this year. After dinner the cadets all had fun playing Volleyball and Ultimate Frisbee to end the day. Overall it was a very productive day for the cadets (and a tiring one for staff) where overall everyone had a good time.


BY Sgt Hathaway


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