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MEWG Encampment 2013

30 May 2013 Leave a comment

Cadets and senior members wishing to attend this years encampment should submit an application as soon as possible. The deadline, after which no applications will be accepted except on a case by case basis dependent on circumstances, is July 22nd 2013. Applications should be submitted to myself, 1Lt Jim Laprade, or alternately, by mail to Maine Wing Headquarters (address is at the bottom of the post).

Dates: 20-29 August (17-29 for most cadet staff)
Cost: $150 (mail to MEWG Headquarters)
Application Deadline: July 22nd 2013

Cadets who have attended an encampment before should apply for staff. If you aren’t ‘hired’ for staff, there will be an advanced curriculum offered, which cadets may elect to take even if they don’t have any interest in staff. Please note what you want to do on the form 31. On a related note, we need staff applicants to fill flight sgt, flight commander, first sgt, and quadron commander positions, those need to be submitted ASAP.

Absolutely no cadets will be turned away because of financial constraints. Any cadet who will need financial assistance should explore whether their squadron can help, and if not, should contact myself or 1Lt Jim Laprade through their chain of command.

Packing and prohibited items lists will be released very soon.

Maine Wing CAP
P.O. Box 5006
Augusta, Maine 04330

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