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Glider O-Flights

13 February 2012 2 comments

To Maine Wing,

The Northeast Region Glider Center of Excellence has published its Glider activity schedule for Cadet Orientation Flights.

May 12  (rain date 13th) in Springfield, VT    ( CAP Form 31 due by April 30th )
June 16 (rain date 17th) in Springfield, VT    ( CAP Form 31 due by June 4th )

Submit CAPF 31’s to Capt Bearscove ( or email him for his postal address.

These are FREE. We will provide transportation (including using Powered O-flights).  Because of location, we will overnight there on Friday night and leave Saturday afternoon (unless we stay Sunday due to weather). There are 98 cadets in our Wing that have never had a glider O-Flight. We want to change this number!

If you are interested and available either or both of these weekends, let me know as soon as possible. We want to have the list finalized in April. More details will follow after we have a good idea of who is going.


Capt. Kristian Bearscove
Commander 38th Composite Squadron
Maine Wing Project Officer, Glider of Excellence Program
Civil Air Patrol

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Winter Survival

2 February 2012 3 comments

This activity is fast approaching and we need to have numbers so food can be purchased. For $30, this is a great opportunity for cadets and seniors alike. Aside from being a fun activity, the survival training offered could save your life. The internet is over flowing with stories of people who needed to survive and did so with skills taken from TV (survivorman for example). If skills that have never been practiced can save lives, imagine what a hands on experience will allow you to survive

Just to put it in perspective as to the cost ($30 please do not bring payment with you.) The Maine Primitive Skills School offers a winter survival course very similar to ours.

Winter Survival Skills

Prerequisites: None

In this class we will teach you the traditional skills found in northern temperate and boreal forests. How to eat and stay warm at 20 degrees below zero takes survival to its limits. We will explore cold weather fire making, food gathering, travel, shelters, and the crafts associated with them. Not only will we cover indigenous skills but also the art of bushcraft.

Location: Augusta

Cost: $220

$220, you read it correctly. It’s a pretty big discount, $190 off, if you take it from CAP. That discount doesn’t mean that the quality is lower, in fact the instructors combined have decades of experience. Our winter survival course, in addition to excellent material has a practically spotless safety record. The most significant injury has been a touch of frost nip a few years ago, not many activities can make such a claim.

So send in your form 31’s or 17’s with payment and learn how to tame mother nature.

Cadets: If cost is an issue please let your squadron commander know. There are funds available, but they are finite.

Squadron Commanders: If you have cadets who will need financial assistance, and your squadron can’t help, let me know and I’ll make every effort to resolve the situation. Wing CP does have scholarship funds, but generally I feel it’s better for the squadrons to do what they can first. That way pressure is kept on the cadets to do their best. Wing grants are more distant, and so it’s hard for us to tell whether a cadet is making the best use of the funds awarded.

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CAP Lithographs

We still have a bunch of these to sell and proceeds benefit the MEWG cadet program, supporting scholarships, lowering the cost of activities and improving the quality of the whole program.

The cost is $35, plus shipping (no shipping if you can wait until a mission or other activity) and for the members who are not familiar with these lithographs there is a picture below. Each one is signed and numbered by the artist and is 16″ by 20″. Interested members can contact me by email or by phone (see your unit commander for the number)

Distinguished Service

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CAPP 52-23 – New Publication

The CAPP 52-23 covers Cadet Protection Policy implementation, as it’s title implies. This new publication is yet another excellent product from the National CP Staff. You can find it below and also in the MEWG CP Library, located by clicking the appropriate tab at the top of this page.

CAPP 52-23

As always, let me know if you have any questions, either by email, phone or comments here.

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MEWG Encampment 2012 Staff

1 February 2012 2 comments

We are now taking applications for staff for the 2012 Encampment at Bog Brook in Gilead, Maine. Cadet wishing to apply need only send me an email declaring what position they wish to apply for along with a resume of relevant experience, whether in or outside of CAP. Cadets must inform their unit commander of their intentions. It isn’t required that you CC your commander, but it is suggested you do so, other methods of keeping your commander informed are, however acceptable. See your commander if you are unsure of what their policy is.

The following positions are open, and grade requirements, if there are any, are given below each position. Cadets applying will be asked to define in their own words what they feel the duties and responsibilities are of the position. They will also be asked to explain what abilities and/or talents they think are required and why they think they meet those requirements.

Painful, but sometimes critical thinking is required.

  • Cadet Commander
    • At least c/2LT
  • Deputy Commander
    • At least c/2LT
  • Executive Officer
    • At least c/2LT
  • Encampment 1st Sergeant
    • At least c/MSgt (no officers)
  • Squadron Commanders (2)
    • At least c/2LT
  • Squadron 1st Sergeants (2)
    • At least c/TSgt (no officers)
  • Flight Commanders (3 to 4)
    • At least c/MSgt
  • Flight Sergeants (3 to 4)
    • No grade required, but NCO’s are preferred (no officers)

All positions require the completion of an encampment prior to this years, although exceptions may be made on a case by case basis.

In addition to the basic encampment this year we hope to run a ground team academy at the same time. Both cadets and seniors are welcome to attend. The cost for both activities isn’t set in stone yet, but is not likely to be more than $150. There will be no cost to seniors attending and supporting the basic encampment. The two activities will be run separately, but some activities may be common to both programs. The GT Academy will not result in encampment credit, so it is required that cadets wishing to attend must have attended a basic encampment prior to attending the GT Academy.

Nathan Fellows, 1LT
DCP Maine Wing, CAP

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