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Owlshead Fly-in

Posted on behalf of Col. Leclair

It’s the Wiscasset’s KIWI 50th anniversary. They are celebrating with an annual Family Festival, and AIRSHOW. The Texas Flying Legends Museum pilots will be flying the WWII airplanes! This is an actual aerobatic show with the Japanese Zero, the P-51, and Corsair. We will also be firing up -the B-25 for some amazing fly-bys. This show will be like none other every seen at a small Maine airport. THE AIRSHOW IS AT 3PM. The festivities start with a pancake breakfast from 7:30-10:30, and Young Eagle flights in the morning. The Wiscasset Community Center will be there with antique autos and trucks, and the town fire trucks, too—as part of their annual “Touch the Trucks” event from 10-2. There will be food vendors, and exhibits. The Red Tail “Rise Above” traveling exhibit will be open for viewing on Oct 1. This amazing program tells the story of the Tuskegee Airman of WWII. Check it out at Local schools will be viewing the 30-minute movie and exhibit all this week!

This is an exciting event and airshow on OCTOBER 1! And, for the Red Tail exhibit–it’s first visit to Maine, and hopefully not it’s last…

The folks in Wiscasset are looking for help in flight line control. If you would like to volunteer—contact your squadron commander.  Transportation is provided from Augusta, Lewiston, or Portland.

We need to be on-site by 8am and depart after the air show.  I hope to see you there.

Col Dan Leclair
Maine Wing – Civil Air Patrol
US Air Force Auxiliary

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NER CAC Alt. Rep

Maine Wing is looking for a cadet to fill the position of the alternate representative to the North East Region of CAP.

The duties are pretty light and the requirements are modest. Duties are limited to calling in to the region CAC conference call each month (they are only held once per month) and fill in for the primary rep when he is unable to attend.

The requirements for application are as follows:

  1. The applicant must be a cadet officer (eg. have their Mitchell Award)
  2. The applicant must have reliable email access and phone access to be able to participate in the conference calls and such.
  3. The applicant must be in good standing as determined by the Maine Wing Commander and their individual squadron commanders.

Not too bad really. If there are any cadets interested in applying please email me at: for more details.

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2011 Region Cadet Leadership School (RCLS)

This announcement pertains to the 2011 RCLS North, to be held at the New Hampshire State Fire Academy in Concord. The activity will run from the 26th of December to the 1st of January (2012). RCLS (or COS) is a requirement for the Eaker award just as encampment is a requirement for the Mitchell, so I would suggest attending if possible.

If you are interested in applying you will need to submit the following items as soon as you can, because there is a cap on the number of attendees.

  • CAPF 31 -Submit to MEWG Headquarters. Since it is an out of state activity, the wing commander must sign it, in addition to your Squadron commander.
  • CAPF 60
  • Fee (check or money order) – $75.00 ($35.00 due with application)
  • A resume detailing your CAP, school, and community involvement – Submit with your CAPF 31
  • A letter of recommendation from a person that can speak to your leadership potential, work ethic, scholarship, and moral character.

You MUST also be at least a cadet master sergeant and have attended a basic encampment.

The application deadline is the 26th of October 2011. More information is available at the website below, if you can’t find the answers you seek there, feel free to contact me through your squadron commander (or ask below in the comments section).

Website –

RCLS Application Procedure (PDF)

RCLS 2011 Packing List (PDF)

Lastly, there are scholarship funds available from MEWG Cadet Programs. Cadets who need financial assistance should contact me through their squadron commander. Scholarships will be awarded on the basis of need first and merit second.

Online Testing

Since cadet programs introduced the online leadership and aerospace tests, cadets in Maine Wing haven’t been taking full advantage of it. In over 14 months only 137 tests have been taken, with a cadet population of 114. Those are some pretty dismal figures.

Squadron commanders and DCC’s, I encourage you, to encourage your cadets, to use the online system. Not only is it faster and easier for senior members to keep track of, but we avoid most of the test security issues that formerly were a bit of a pain. Once a test is taken and passed, it is automatically entered into the cadet promotion application, the only thing squadrons need to do is administer the drill test for each of the achievements (through 8). (if you need a copy of the drill test booklet it can be found under the “cadet programs library” tab at the top of this blog.

Online testing, as you know, is but a single piece of a whole web of changes to the cadet program. The online leadership test were introduced along side new leadership books. While cadets are able to continue on the old books if they wish (provided they joined before the new ones came out), but it would be in the squadrons best interest as well as in the cadets best interest to switch to the new books. Not only are they formatted better than the old books, but the information is far superior. I hope you’ll encourage your cadets to make that switch.

Thus far only the phase one and two books are out. Phase three and four will be coming out late fall or early winter this year, and the transition will be complete. I expect that cadet officers will also have the option of staying in the old books, but again, if the first two are any indication, books three and four will be much better than the books they replace and cadet officers would be well served by switching. The old books and the two new books are available in the cadet programs library here on the cadet blog.

As soon as they publish the last two books in draft form for comment, I’ll be sending them out to all squadron commanders and DCC’s. If possible I’d like to collect up any comments you may have and pass them up the chain to national. So watch your inbox’s come October/November.

Nathan Fellows, 1LT
Director of Cadet Programs

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Cadet Blog Forms

I’ve nearly finished the “library” of cadet programs forms, regs and manuals. By clicking on the Cadet Programs Library tab at the top of the web page you will be taken to a long list of cadet programs forms, manuals, regulations, books and pamphlets. This should prove more useful and quicker than having to dig through the different pages of forms and regulations trying to find what you are looking for.

If I’ve missed anything let me know and I’ll add it.

Nathan Fellows, 1LT
Director of Cadet Programs

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New Cadet Programs Member

I’d like to welcome 1LT Kenneth Lovdahl to MEWG Cadet Programs as the Assistant Director of CP.

I hope everyone looks forward to working with him over the next year as we seek to expand the number of wing level cadet activities and improve the quality of them as well.

1LT Lovdahl will continue to hold positions at the Bangor squadron but will be transferring to the Maine Wing staff sometime in the next few days.

Welcome aboard!

Nathan Fellows, 1LT
Director of Cadet Programs

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