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31 August 2011 Leave a comment

Here are the majority of the pictures for Maine Wing Encampment 2011! Enjoy!


Encampment Video

The dog that didn't make it into the video

Good Morning! Last Day!

25 August 2011 Leave a comment

Good morning! So, the last morning here at Bog Brook Training Center has finally begun. The cadets are excited for graduation (at 1200), but disappointed to be leaving. As they pack up and clean their barracks, they’re all dreading having to leave encampment and the friends that they have made here. In a matter of hours, the cadets will be on their ways home and soon taking back what they have learned here to their squadrons. Hopefully, we’ll see these cadets come back next year on staff and be the great leaders that we know they’ve become. This is C/MSgt Anissa Garnsey and C/TSgt Kristopher Steinort signing off. See you next year!

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Good Evening! Day 8

24 August 2011 Leave a comment

Good evening! Cadets are spending their last night at Maine Wing Encampment 2011 tonight. Earlier cadets attended a complex teambuilding exercise lead by C/MSgt Garnsey. During this exercise, cadets on one set of “stones” had to move to a second set of “stones.” The cadets on the second set of “stones” had to move to the first set of stones, using only specific moves and following strict rules. The point of this exercise was to see if the flights had grown as a team. Before showing the encampment video, cadets practiced for graduation out on the parade field. Afterwards, everyone enjoyed a game of volley ball and capture the flag before lights out. Check back tomorrow morning to see how the cadets are doing before graduation!

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Good Morning! Day 8

24 August 2011 Leave a comment

Good Morning! The last full day of encampment is fin­ally here! Cadets woke up as usual for physical training, however Group 1st Sergeant Kobayashi shook things up a bit and cadets participated in a game of ultimate frisbee. After breakfast the cadets started their task of cleaning the Bog Brook Training Site to better than the way it was when they first arrived last Tuesday. After cleaning, cadets were hard at work making their drill perfect before graduation tomorrow. When they leave encampment they will have mastered basic drill, and have been introduced to more complex drill maneuvers. While the beginning of the day got off to a slow start, cadets have a fun afternoon ahead of them. Be sure to check the evening blog to find out more.

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Good Evening! Day 7

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Good evening! Cadets are still having a blast here at Maine Wing Encampment! After lunch, cadets attended several informative classes, the first being a class on the forces of flight taught by C/SMSgt Fowler. Sergeant Fowler taught cadets about the four forces of flight (thrust, lift, drag, and weight), then had cadets demonstrate their new knowledge by building different kinds of paper airplanes to demonstrate how different plane designs have certain advantages and disadvantages. After a drill session, cadets attended another class taught by C/SMSgt Kobayashi and C/TSgt Steinort on the CAP core values, and what each other’s personal core values were. Finally, to wrap up the day cadets attended a class on impromptu speaking taught by C/TSgt Steinort.

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23 August 2011 1 comment

Hello parents! Maine Wing encampment is drawing to a close, and we wish to make you aware of the procedures for encampment graduation and check out. Encampment graduation will be on the Bog Brook Training Site parade field, at 12:00 on August 25th 2011. We welcome parents and/or friends of the cadets to attend the graduation. After graduation has been completed, lunch will be served. Cadets will then be out-processed in the administrative building. Parents or van drivers will need to come up to the administrative building with their cadets to check out them out. Once your cadet has been checked out, they are free to go. Our goal is to get every basic cadet out-processed and on the road by 2:00 PM. Thank you for making Maine Wing Encampment check out as easy as possible for the cadets!

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