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2 more things for Encampment

The deadline is approaching quickly. After July 22, no applications will be accepted without an extremely good reason. When I say extremely good, I really mean it. If you think you can just show up with paperwork, as in the past, you will find yourself returning from whence you came.

The second thing is we are desperate for female senior members. Maine Wing directives require all overnight activities with cadets in attendance to have at least two senior members, and if both male and female cadets are in attendance we must have a senior member of each gender as well. If you are interested please contact me ASAP.

Nathan Fellows, 1LT
DCP, Maine Wing
Civil Air Patrol

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B-52 Project

On behalf of, Lt. Col. Scott Higgins:

Hello to all,

I have been working with the Moosehead Riders Snowmobile Club and lots of others on a new project to upgrade the B-52 Memorial Site and to build a display at the Clubhouse. Plum Creek owns the land the crash site is on and is doing lots of work to prevent ground water from doing any more damage to the site. Drainage culverts are being put in and a very large diversion ditch is being dug to keep the ground water off the site.

On Saturday July 23rd, we would like to get a work crew together to help finish up the ground water project. This would be using hand tools to smooth over the newly installed culverts under the walking trails. Housing will be provided at the snowmobile club house. Squadrons would have to pay for the gas for vans coming up. And Cadets would be responsible for their own meals.

This is a very worthwhile project as this site is one of only a few crash sites that are memorialized in the US.

This is just the start of a larger project to build a display area at the club house. We are hoping to lift the tail section out of the woods and bring it out to the clubhouse to be a part of the display. I hope all units and individuals will consider coming up and helping out on this project. The Moosehead riders provide us housing during the Fly -in and hope we will support them in their efforts to rejuvenate the crash site. Squadron Commanders if you can get back to me next week if there is interest in this so I can keep the committee informed. The uniform for this project will be BDU’s. If you have any questions please email or call me.

Thank you,

Scott D. Higgins


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