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Encampment Applications

I want to clear a few things up and stress timely application for encampment.

First, I have received some concerns about the tone of encampment, all wing cadet activities really. During Capt. Gaddis’s administration, and to continue under mine, there was a crack down on ineffective tactics called hazing. Yelling and screaming are useless and wasteful and will not be tolerated by staff members at any cadet activity under my direction. Among other behaviors identified as hazing they will result in disciplinary action. As staff will find out during staff training, there are other tools available and they are far more effective than hazing.

HOWEVER, this is a military cadet program and military customs will be adhered to. Anyone who worries that by cracking down on hazing CAP will turn into an “after school club” need not worry. Encampment will be extremely difficult, like most difficult things overcoming it is a reward in, and of, itself. If you come expecting an easy ride, prepare to be disappointed.

With all that said, the application date for basics is fast approaching, 22 July 2011. Applications and payment will not be accepted upon arrival, regardless of past practices, if you think you can just show up with paperwork in hand, you will be returning in whatever transportation you arrived in.

To recap previous posts, send:

Rappelling Hold Harmless Agreement
Payment of $150

Maine Wing CAP
PO Box 5006
Augusta, ME 04332

If you are an out of state cadet ensure that your wing commander has signed the form (region also if not from NER). The forms are available on the Cadet Programs Forms link at the top of this page.

Nathan Fellows, 1LT
DCP, Maine Wing CAP

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Encampment Packing List

It was just pointed out to me that I have not given out the Encampment packing list yet. You can find it below. A contraband list will follow this later today. I’ll add it right to this post.

Packing List

Learn to Lead Tests – Updated

Just so everyone is aware, they have revised the online leadership tests and they are working on the printable copies now.

I’ll let the commanders know when the printable tests have been updated so if you keep hard copies, they can be destroyed and replaced with the newest versions.

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CAC Blog

With a recent string of disappointing turnouts for CAC meetings, it has been decided to try a different format. CAC will now conduct only one meeting per quarter, but will discuss things continually via a blog like this one. The only difference being that all the posts will be password protected.

The primary and alternate CAC members should contact C/Capt St. Louis for the password.

Squadron Commanders and DCC’s should contact 1LT Nathan Fellows for the password.

It is hoped that the success seen on this blog can be translated to the CAC, which is an important institution as I’ve said in the past and one we are not making good use of, to my and the wing commanders dismay.

Lets make an effort, shall we?

Nathan Fellows, 1LT
DCP, Maine Wing

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New Page – CP Forms

You might have noticed that a new page has been added to to top of the blog. There is now a page that contains all the current Cadet Programs forms.

This joins the others that exist for specific purposes, such as CAC, DCC’s and Encampment staff. All have special pages to keep their information secure and separate and most importantly organized and centralized.

So, the forms can be downloaded directly from the blog, filled out and used as needed. No more digging around for the right form. If anyone has suggestions for forms I missed, let me know either by email or in the comments section and I will add them ASAP.

Nathan Fellows, 1LT
DCP, Maine Wing, CAP

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Rappelling – Encampment

At this year’s Maine Wing Encampment rappelling will be facilitated by the Maine Army National Guard DDR team. Each flight will have about 4-5 hours to devote to this activity and it’s typically one of the most memorable tasks. 4-5 hours is also a great deal more time than cadets usually have, allowing for all 4 faces of the tower to be used. INCLUDING the helicopter skid, where cadets are free to imagine themselves in an action movie if they wish.

What it comes down to is this is a fantastic and worthwhile activity.

Each cadet under 18 will need to print the form below, to be submitted with their CAPF 31. If this form does not get submitted, you will not be allowed to participate in rappelling. I’ve also added the CAPF 31 and 60 here for convenience. (all are in PDF form. If you need a different format, contact

CAP Hold Harmless

Squadron Commanders and DCC’s: Please print off some copies to have on hand if a cadet doesn’t have one when they give you their paperwork. I want to stress that they will under no circumstances be allowed to rappel if we don’t have the form signed by a parent or guardian.

Nathan Fellows, 1LT
Director of Cadet Programs
Maine Wing, CAP

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